So much is focused on how food looks and tastes that there is a chance we forget its primary purpose. In the midst of all the “here’s what I ate” Instagram posts and carefully crafted food blogger images, the essence of food remains the same. We eat it because we need it; it’s our fuel; it’s the source of our health. Get it wrong and eat poorly, and you will soon be paying the consequences of that decision.


Get it right, however, and you can reap the rewards for your lifetime. You will find you have more energy; your skin is clearer and your body is purring along with little other intervention. Food can be beautiful, sure, but don’t forget the science behind it. It doesn’t matter if something is beautifully crafted if it’s going to make us feel terrible.


To get the most out of the food you eat, it’s all about the timing. There’s never a wrong time to indulge in some leafy greens, but there are times during the day where it’s most beneficial. To not only experience the benefits of eating right but also utilizing it to biggest impact, then you just have to figure out a schedule. While this may need some tinkering on exact times depending on your work schedule, the general plan remains the same for us all.


Finding a schedule to suit your body is the key


Breakfast: Protein


Protein is our primary source of fuel and this is where your mornings should be focused. Go for something like a white meat or eggs, to get a good dose of protein without the fat content. If you find it tough to get going without your morning toast, you can prepare low carb meals in advance so you’re encouraged to resist the craving.


Mid-morning Snack: Nuts


Nuts are always a good choice.


Nuts are fantastic nutritionally, and they can also keep your blood sugar steady. This makes you feel more full and reduces the risk of giving in to cravings. Almonds are an excellent choice, though cashews, brazil nuts and hazelnuts also have their upsides. Just be careful not to eat too many – a small handful will suffice.


Lunch: Carbohydrates


If you’ve managed to stave off the carb cravings in the morning, now is the time to eat them. This will give you energy through the afternoon when you might otherwise be slowing down. A baked potato is a good lunch, especially if combined with an oily fish such as tuna.


Mid-afternoon Snack: Nuts and berries


If you need a boost in the afternoon, another small helping of nuts is a good idea. Berries are also a low-calorie way to boost your energy levels without going too far into sugar highs.


Evening Meal: Your Choice


You have more freedom here. A good mix of protein and green leafy veg is your best option.


An Hour Before Bed: Potatoes


The hidden key to a good night’s sleep?


Eating a few potatoes can help you sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. Keep it simple with the likes of boiled new potatoes with a little butter, but don’t eat them too close to bedtime. Leave at least one hour after eating before attempting to sleep.



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