Fridges were a marvelous invention: they keep our perishable food fresh a lot longer, condiments tasty, and store any leftovers we have after a good meal to eat another day However, kitchen storage space can often go to waste, and sometimes used improperly. With this in mind, it’s inevitable you want to maximise your room and use of your fridge. So here are a few tips on utilizing your fridge properly for all different kinds of food.


The Best Temperature To Maintain

temperature gauge thermometer


Depending on what you have in your fridge at the time will dictate the right temperature you’ll need to preserve it properly. However, considering the standard cheese, eggs, and milk most people will have in their fridge, a good 40 degrees is the optimal level. You can dip below this as well, but keep the temp well above 0 degrees. You don’t want an accidental second freezer!


If you’ve just cooked up something, wait until all the heat has gone and then refrigerate if you plan to have leftovers. You don’t want any other foods to spoil because of a quick spike in temperature from an outside source.



The Right Kind Of Layout

refrigerator icebox


Where you position your items will also dictate how well they store and how long for. Different parts of your fridge will have difference in temperature, so be sure to set out your cooling items where they need to be.


If you have cooked meats in your fridge, cover them in something thin and keep them near the top of the fridge. On the other hand, raw foods should be kept near the bottom of the fridge, not only so any leakages have a safe place to go, but also because it’s the coldest place and makes the best storage shelf.


Keep any fruit and vegetables that needs to be in the fridge in packaging in the draws at the bottom of the fridge. Foods like onions, tomatoes, and potatoes will never need to go in the fridge, so save yourself some room there. Keep fragile vegetables away from the back of the fridge, as you don’t want easy freezing.


A Mini Fridge Makes A Good Investment


If you need a little extra room for stocking up, or want a quick place to store some party spreads, a mini fridge is a great option. If you’re on the lookout, you can’t find a better selection than this one. Check out comparison lists for good deals, as you’ll never know when you might be swindled out of some good storage. You can keep drinks in your mini fridge, which saves top shelves and door compartments in the main event.


If you were looking for a quick guide on how to keep your foods in prime conditions, hopefully a few of these pointers were helpful. Keep these ideas in mind, as fridges can be seriously underutilized and often we throw away food and condiments that would have lasted longer if they’d been put in the right place.


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