In a world full of processed food, freezer-friendly dinners for the whole family and endless snacks covered in preservatives, we need to remind ourselves of the importance of eating food fresh from the ground. We mustn’t lose the ability to combine basic ingredients into a nutrient-rich, tasty meal. Nor must we be fooled into thinking that a healthy BMI score is the key to good overall health. Quite frankly, this isn’t the case.

BMI tracking should always be complemented with other health and nutrition indicators, including diet, physical fitness, stress management and healthy digestion. To do this, we should take advantage of all the resources available to us and that includes the use of technology. Mobile apps, whether you believe it or not, can provide support in the move towards a healthier lifestyle, particularly when they are incorporated into a regular routine. The following apps are just three possibilities.

  1. Nuts, by Nature Mobile


Our ancestors were great lovers of seeds, nuts and berries, but as we’ve become accustomed to dairy, flour, sugar and processed foods we’ve forgotten how to incorporate them into our diets. Nuts by Nature Mobile, available to download from iTunes, is a particularly useful mobile app that can help us become reacquainted with the benefits of nuts once more.

The built-in guide and quiz are designed to help us distinguish between the different nut species. It’s a comprehensive library of facts, figures and images at the touch of a button. Each kind of nut has different nutrition credentials and health benefits to offer. Some are rich in calcium, some are high in proteins and others give our bodies the good fats that they need. As well as teaching us about the nutritional benefits of nuts, the app also comes equipped with information about where to find them, what they taste like and how best to cook them.

  1. CarbsControl, by Coheso Inc.

Many people find it difficult to control their carb intake. It’s the classic comfort food that keeps us snug, warm and happy, particularly during the winter months. But if we overdose on carbs, we place ourselves at risk from developing serious long-term health conditions, including diabetes.

Having said that, a moderate amount of low to medium glycemic carbs – including corn, beans, legumes, lentils, peas, peanuts and sweet potatoes – can be really good for you. This is why the CarbsControl app available on iOS and Android is a particularly effective resource. This clever app enables you to track your carb intake via a meal-by-meal breakdown which is automatically recorded in a food diary.

In a recent article published by The New Yorker, the notion that carbohydrates and not fats are the real danger returns to the forefront of healthy eating discussions. Gary Taubes, a prominent science writer and author of “The Case Against Sugar,” explains that dangerous carbohydrates are not only found in processed foods containing refined sugars, but also in easily digestible starches found in grains and vegetables. If you’re not a nutrition expert, the CarbsControl app can help you to identify dangerous carbs that might have otherwise slipped through the net.

  1. Waterlogged

splashing water

Even though we’re well aware of the benefits of drinking water daily, some of us still find it difficult to incorporate it into our routine. A common complaint is that water isn’t as tasty or exciting as other beverages. Interestingly, an article published by CBS News states that most U.S. citizens are actually getting enough water every day, but not through drinking glasses of water. The article explains that most of us are staying hydrated by drinking juices and eating water-rich foods. The only problem with consuming water this way is that our calorie count also continues to rise.

Waterlogged can help us drink more water by using pictures of drinking vessels to quickly and automatically log water intake. We can set up water drinking reminders and evaluate our hydration levels via easy-to-read graphs. Make no mistake… water is an essential element of a nutritionally-balanced health regime and something we should be enjoying instead of snacking on soda and chips.

So, if you’re truly serious about embracing a natural, balanced, nutrient-rich diet, then it’s time to put technology to work, but remember… choose your apps with care.



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