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People in the U.S. are, on average living longer than ever before, which is great news, but sadly, more of them are developing chronic diseases as they get older. That’s why, as we age, it becomes even more important that we look after our health. Aging may be a natural part of life, but getting sick doesn’t have to be, and taking care of our health over the age of 50 is actually pretty simple.


Here are some simple things we can all do to stay healthy as a senior:


Give Up Smoking


Many older people still smoke, having formed the habit in our youth when the dangers of taking in tobacco weren’t quite so evident. I know smoking is enjoyable for many and it’s an addiction for most who indulge, but we all know that smoking is bad for us and there really is nothing better that smokers can do to ensure their health ias they agee than to quit the habit


If you can give up smoking, your skin will age less, and more importantly, you’ll cut your risk of heart disease and cancer significantly. If you find it difficult to give up smoking, there are health professionals who can assist you, or you might want to try using e-cigarettes to at least get you away from the toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke.


Keep Exercising

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Once they retire, many seniors naturally find themselves less active. They no longer have to work for 8 hours a day, which in itself means that they’re less active than before, but since exercise strengthens the bones, maintains heart health, reduces stress and helps  older seniors to maintain their balance so that they’re less prone to falls, it’s probably a good idea to replace some of those 8 hours with exercise. Leisurely days at the golf course, days out hiking or evenings spent ballroom dancing are all great ways to maintain activity at any age..


Eat a Healthy Diet


Eating a healthy diet, which isn’t too indulgent and which is high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains is, as you will know, a must if you want to live a long and healthy life. Eating well can help you to stave off common senior illnesses like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis and blood pressure, amongst other things, so it’s worth taking the time to cook up healthy meals every evening. If cooking isn’t your thing, there are a number of great meal ordering services where you can buy healthy, ready prepared meals which are delivered to the door for your convenience.


Stay Sociable


Seniors who live alone, rather than living in a place like Christwood Retirement Community where there’s always something going on, are more likely to suffer from loneliness and depression and will, on average die earlier than their more sociable peers. So, please do make an effort to maintain your friendships, go out to dinner with friends and family each week and consider spending more time in your community, joining clubs or participating in  local events. This stuff will keep you in good mental health as you grow older. It’s so important that you don’t isolate yourself once you’re retired.


Always Wear Sunscreen

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As we age, our skin gets thinner and loses elasticity. As a result, it’s more at risk from the sun than ever before. So, even if the sun isn’t exactly shining, be sure to cover yourself in sunscreen to keep cancer at bay.


Schedule Regular Checkups


As you age, even if you’re really healthy, you can’t totally prevent problems with your body from cropping up, which is why it is sensible to schedule regular eye, ear and dental checkups to see how your body is doing. In fact, this is something that we should all be doing whatever our age.


Practice Relaxation

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Seniors face a lot of challenges, like the struggle of losing dear friends and the loss of routine caused by retirement, which is why it is vital that we all take the time to relax. Relaxing for you could be as simple as going for a walk or reading a good book in front of the fire, or it could be something a bit more formal like yoga (great for flexibility too) or meditation. Just spending time with your children or grandchildren can make all the difference. So, find what works for you and do it daily to keep your stress levels down and your health and happiness levels high.




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