Yogurt comes in many different guises. You have the lusciously thick and sensual Greek variety, soy yogurt for the health conscious amongst us and who can forget the Icelandic Skyr yogurt that has Russell Crowe declaring his addiction to it. If you stick to the yogurt varieties that remain as natural as possible with no added refined sugars, you’ll be savoring a food that is rich in protein and low in calories. Let’s delve a little deeper to see why yogurt should be an integral part of your diet.



Dropping A Dress Size

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Eating yogurt alone doesn’t aid in the quest to fit into your bikini in time for your vacation. However, eating yogurt every day in conjunction with lowering your daily calorie intake could see you lose 22% more weight and 61% more fat from your midriff. The calcium contained in yogurt inhibits the production of cortisol which triggers the production of fat. Although it sounds like the ultimate oxymoron, adding yogurt to your healthy diet will make you lose weight quicker.



Say Cheese… Or Should That Be Yogurt?


The calcium within yogurt aids in strengthening your teeth in a similar way that any dairy product would. However, yogurt has the added addition of lactic acid that protects your gums. Eating yogurt every day means you will be less likely to develop any form of periodontal disease in the future. By checking out sites such as https://www.owensdds.com/, you’ll be able to read the most current and up to date research on how to keep your entire mouth healthy, not just your teeth. After all, it is your gums that are the foundations in which your teeth sit, and healthy teeth need healthy gums.


The Perfect Gym Snack


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Instead of whipping out a protein bar after your 5k run on the treadmill, consider chowing down on a cup of yogurt. Looking at the nutritional information of Greek yogurt at nutritiondata.self.com we can see that it has the perfect ratio of protein to carbohydrates in its makeup, meaning that after a workout you can source the amino acids that your muscles are crying out for within your yogurt. This means that your muscles can recover faster leaving you ready and fit for your next session at the gym.




There is a whole host of brands that advertise themselves as a yogurt that contains good bacteria, but what does this actually mean? Some yogurts contain probiotics that are said to aid digestion, lessen bloating and make you feel generally healthier. Although there is very little scientific evidence to say whether this is true or not, many people believe that by taking their live culture laden yogurt drink every day they have less digestive issues.


The benefits of yogurt cannot be underestimated. Eating the calcium enriched food daily can see you reaping the health benefits. Although once an old wives tale, scientists are now exploring the claims that yogurt can even ward off a cold! Surely, yogurt is up there with the ultimate superfoods and should be a welcome addition to your diet.



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