There’s a huge problem with the modern dieting and health mentality. Far too many people over complicate what it takes to be healthy or fit, and some people go as far to make wild claims such as needing to exercise for at least an hour every day or switching to a diet that completely omits a certain food group. To make things worse, these claims are usually backed by false research or their points are “proven” by extracting bits of information from one article and mixing it with facts from another.


One of the biggest unseen issues that is gradually changing our perception of health is the way we convince ourselves to be healthy.



Love yourself, don’t force yourself



When people speak about dieting, they usually talk about eating lots of leafy vegetables, fruits and cutting out certain types of foods. Most of this information is true and has plenty of scientific backing. However, they don’t count for one thing: your personal tastes.


Some people are absolutely fine with eating salad for lunch, pieces of fruit as a snack and a healthy nutrient rich dinner in the evening—but that’s not to say that everyone can stomach the same things. If you’re currently living off a diet of fast food such as pizza, burgers and fries, then switching your diet over is going to take some serious work. Instead of switching every meal, you need to learn to make small changes that are easier to digest:


  • Switch a single meal for something healthier
  • Slowly cut down on sweet drinks such as soda
  • Replace snacks with healthier alternatives
  • Steadily reduce portions


These are ways to love yourself yet still be able to slowly improve your health. If you swapped every single meal for something healthy and light, then you’re only forcing yourself into trying to live a healthy lifestyle that you might not be able to sustain. This will only lead to disappointment in the future. You need to prepare yourself for future changes, not throw yourself into the deep end and hope it works.


Small changes lead to big things


These small changes are ultimately going to give you the motivation and strength you need to succeed in creating a healthier lifestyle. However, there are ways to improve your chances as well. For example, you could start getting up and moving more just by walking around the block a few times a week. Another way to promote positive change is to take supplements to ensure your body is getting the right nutrients if you don’t enjoy eating the foods that provide the best nutrition for your body.


Kyani products, for instance, are great for both boosting your health, maintaining it once you’re healthy, and also promoting better habits in the future. You can purchase the range here if you’re interested in supplements to assist your diet. It’s a small thing because you’re only taking a bit of medication every day, but it can add up over time and create a healthier version of you.


If you’re willing to continue making these small changes to your lifestyle, then it will ultimately stick and your body will gradually alter itself. If you force yourself, then your body is only going to be in shock at how different everything is. Make gradual changes so you can make them sustainable. Make changes because you love your body and because you understand your needs—stop forcing yourself into doing something your body can’t take for longer than a week.


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