If you are a foodie planning on visiting a few different countries on your bucket list in the coming years, here’s a list of places you don’t want to miss out on.
french brie cheese sausage




A lot of people when asked to think about French food, instantly think of escargot and pastries. And those are specialties associated with the country, times have changed. France is now widely known for their top Michelin star restaurants, and their gastronomic approach to serving meals.

It’s all about taking time and sharing love, and that’s what their food is all about. So don’t make any plans after your meal – you’ll be there for a while.

Indian spices




Spices, spices, and even more spices! You know you’re in good hands when your meat is considered an afterthought. India is the place that can teach you an awful lot about cooking and how you can drastically change a dish by adding or taking away a certain spice. You will never look at cardamon, coriander or cumin the same way again.





Italian food isn’t just pizza and pasta; the roots go a lot deeper than that. There are a great number of dishes to be understood before you truly appreciate Italian cuisine and its flavors from fresh local inredients.

If you want to learn more about the food, culture, and lifestyle, then you should definitely take a fancy tour with Emilia Delizia. You can learn all about the famous ingredients like balsamic vinegar, parma ham, and parmesan cheese, as well as their uses.

jamaican jerk




If you ever visit Jamaica, get ready to indulge in delicious seasonings and a lot of rum! With popular Jamaican dishes such as saltfish, curry goat, and fried dumplings, you are not only getting good food, but you’ll learn a lot about the ways of life. The culture is very different, and you can get a good feel of why through their food.




United States

Known for its hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue ribs, and classic apple pie, American food is definitely not easy on the love handles – but it’s so good and so diverse.

America is famous for being the biggest fast food country in the world, and it’s so easy (and cheap) to get you hands on – you won’t want to stop eating!





Japanese attend to the preparation of their food the same way they do for advancing technology – with precision. If you’re in Japan, you know you’ve got to grab a bite of sushi. It’s where it all began, and it will be by far the freshest raw fish and the best-cooked rice you have ever tasted in your entire life.

seafood tacos




Some form of tacos, enchiladas, and fresh seafood will be on the menu nearly wherever you go along with the endless amounts of tapas. Choose from small portions and wash them all down with a margarita or Mexican beer to get a good taste of the country’s finest cuisine.

Mexico is also the leader of nutritional superfoods. With antioxidants packed full inside the avocados, limes, tomatoes and beans; it has never felt so good eating healthy.
When it comes to sampling new foods, the worlds is your oyster. Go out and try something new, foodie!



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