Whenever people think about going on a diet, there’s an immediate feeling of dread. We all want to be healthier, leaner and fitter, but there’s very few people out there who want to put the work in to get there. It takes time, patience and a lot of changes to get to the healthy version of you that’s just waiting to break out.

Don’t Diet; Change the Way You Think About Food

The word ‘diet’ invokes ideas of deprivation and ridiculous demands, when really all it takes for you to be healthier is to look at what you are currently eating and make adjustments to your habits. You also have to adjust your expectations. Getting healthy doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process. It didn’t take you one day to get to the unhealthy state you may be in now, so you must allow your body some time to reset and start again.

Don’t forget, health isn’t just about your weight. You could be a perfectly healthy weight and BMI and still experience health issues due to a poor diet. Think of food as sustenance to fuel your body.

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There’s no such thing as bad food. Negative associations with food can give your mind an unhealthy outlook on certain ingredients that your body actually needs to survive. Propping up your diet with Patriot Power Greens, which are supplements created by Dr Lane Sebring, can really help your day to day efforts to eat healthier meals.

Add a Rainbow of Good Nutrition

Training your brain to crave a more balanced, wholesome diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables in all the colors of the rainbow is one effective way to break your bad habits and move forward. You can break a habit in 21 days. That’s all it takes to reset your brain into believing that you need raw foods and more water. 

To be healthier, you need to understand how food affects your body and your metabolism. It’s not as easy as simply calculating how much exercise you need to burn off the calories you take in; everyone’s body is different so you need to experiment and find out what foods are best for your body. It’s getting past addictions to sugar and unhealthy fat and learning to love what’s good for you because it makes you feel better. Eating healthy foods can be a struggle if you’re used to beige, deep-fried carbs instead of pretty rainbow colors found in fruits and vegetables!

Think about the current diet you eat. How high are those sugar and fat levels? There are some natural sugars and healthy fats that you need in your diet to be healthy. There’s a difference between the fats in an avocado and the fats in that pizza loaded with cheese and pepperoni. The avocado may be high in calories, but they are good calories and that’s something you need to learn.

Learn a New Lifestyle

Overall, you must strive to have more energy and a clearer idea of how you want your body to behave. If you want to be leaner, healthier and more energized, then making lifestyle changes is the way to go. Learn which calories fuel your body and which turn to sugar or get stored as fat. Learn which supplements are the best ones for you and learn how you can get your smartphone to work with you to help your health.



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