We’ve all seen those kitchen gadgets you can buy from TV, on the internet or in local stores. There are all manner of “tools” that we never thought we needed, but upon looking at the box or a demonstration video we think “ah, yes! I could use that!”. With the low price tag of these kitchen gadgets and devices, it’s a small investment to make and it should ideally improve our cooking or even motivate us to get in the kitchen more.


But, there is a downside to buying everything you see. The only information you get are testimonials that are most likely fake and infomercial-style videos that portray the device in an ideal situation. It’s hardly a good way to judge the product, so the only way to find out if it’s good or not is to actually try it. So are most kitchen gadgets a waste of space, or can they actually be productive and cheap tools of the trade? Ask yourself these three questions before you buy.



Will It Make You More Productive?


Is the device you’re buying going to make you more productive or just lazy? Let’s take slicers for example. If you want thinly cut vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots, it’s going to take a long time with just a knife even if you have great cutting skills and sharp tools. If you look at mandoline slicers, then you’ll realize that you can get incredibly thin and convenient strips of vegetables without having to do much work at all. Take a look at this guide to mandoline slicers and you’ll discover they are easy to use, efficient and overall make you more productive in the kitchen. On the other hand, a banana slicer is just plain lazy and it’s a cheap plastic tool. Cutting a banana can be done with anything from a knife to a spoon because it’s soft, and you’re going to have a harder time cleaning up the banana slicer than a knife.


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Does It Encourage Good Habits?


Some kitchen gadgets actually promote better habits. For instance, if you use a spiralizer, then you can get some delicious vegetable noodles in a matter of minutes. They are easy to cook and delicious to eat as well as being perfect for a low carb diet. It’s difficult to get long noodle-like strips of a vegetable without a spiralizer, so it’s one of those few kitchen gadgets that can open up new ways to cook and eat more healthily. Similarly, a great way to drink more water is to buy an infusing pitcher where you can add loose leaf tea, fruits and even vegetables to create a tasty and refreshing beverage with zero calories.


Do You Have the Space?


Lastly, consider your storage space. If you’re buying a gadget every week, then you’d better have a large pantry or lots of cabinets. As long as you purchase kitchen tools that encourage healthy habits and make you more productive, you’ll use them on a regular basis but just keep in mind that your kitchen is probably limited in space so choose wisely.


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