Losing weight is no easy business – if it was, then let’s face it, there wouldn’t be a huge industry around diet tips, health drinks, low-fat products… the list goes on infinitely.

If you’re taking the first tentative step on the road to attaining – or at least trying to attain – your perfect body, there are probably a lot of things that you’re worried about. Can you sustain your new lifestyle? Will it be hard? Can you do it? The answers to those questions are yes, yes, and yes – here are some tips to make it easier on yourself.


Start As You Mean To Go On


First of all, remember that losing weight isn’t about dropping a load of weight to go to a wedding or about getting skinny to have your perfect body on the beach this summer. More than losing weight, you need to focus on getting healthy for life – which means that you need to focus on starting to do good things for your body rather than cutting others out. Incorporate exercise into your everyday life – walk short distances instead of driving, take the stairs, walk around the block on your lunch break, take your dog out for longer and longer walks each day. Add foods from health food stores to your diet like avocado, chia seeds and more leafy greens like spinach. Remember it’s about changing your lifestyle, not giving up what you may thinks gives you pleasure, such as junk food.


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Don’t Focus On The Numbers

Focusing solely on how many pounds you’re losing is the key to worrying too much about your weight loss. You don’t want to feel like a failure because of how much weight you have or haven’t lost. Instead, focus on how much stronger you feel, how you can run up more stairs without feeling out of breath, how you’re actually starting to like the taste of kale and green juices. The way you feel is more important than how much you weigh. And if you are working out, you are likely to be gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat.


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Improve Everything (Not Just Your Body)

Don’t just focus on your body – that means your self esteem will become inextricably tied to how much you weigh. Instead, be proud of yourself for learning how to cook healthy new recipes, for learning more about nutrition and portion sizes, for figuring out a range of healthy snacks that you can eat every day at work instead of slinking off to the office vending machine. Being proud of yourself should extend to more than the shape of your body.


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Remember: Everything In Moderation

Finally, remember that moderation is the key to starting a sustainable life of healthy eating. If you ban yourself from eating certain foods then they’ll just be completely irresistible to you. If you feel as though you can never eat chocolate again then it’ll be all you ever want to do, but if you know that you can have a few squares of it a couple of times a week then you won’t focus on it nearly as hard. Besides, dark chocolate is healthy so just try to stay away from candy bars. Cutting out carbs for the rest of your life might be impossible but cutting down on carbs is a whole lot more doable. Moderation is the best way to find continued success when it comes to healthy eating.


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