Many of us may think that it’s enough to simply eat certain types of sugary foods such as chocolate to gain weight. While this is true, and the over-consumption of refined carbs and unhealthy fats will lead to weight gain, it will certainly not lead to a healthy weight gain.


Why Gain Weight? 

In a society where everyone seems to be trying to lose weight, it can seem puzzling that some people actually need to gain weight. The reasons behind wanting to gain weight can vary from individual to individual.

Being underweight can be just as unhealthy as being overweight, and in fact weight loss is particularly common in seniors who are on medication or are suffering from certain diseases, such as depression, anxiety, dental diseases or difficulty in swallowing. Unintentional weight loss in seniors is dangerous, as it accelerates muscle loss and weakens the skeletal system. In these cases, it can be useful to remove any dietary restrictions, as this can encourage people to eat more and this will stabilize their weight.

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Changes in food intake may also be necessary; for example, if someone has difficulty swallowing, it may be preferable to adopt a diet consisting of soft foods and liquids. Certain foods, such as walnuts, mushrooms, green tea, avocado and turkey, can also help fight depression and therefore increase appetite.

Other people who need to gain weight are those who have lost too much weight due to dental surgery, digestive problems, stress or illnesses and athletes who lose too much weight over a tough season.


Tips to Gain Weight


In gaining weight, the aim is always to optimize health. A junk filled diet will not be healthy for your body, no matter how much food you eat; in other words, it’s not just the calories that count. Here are the top five rules to help you gain weight safely!

  • Eat every four hours to keep your metabolism going.
  • Aim for at least three food groups at once to maximize nutrient intake.
  • Eat healthy, nutrient dense foods such as whole foods and lots of fruit and vegetables.
  • Drink your food – juices and smoothies are great choices!
  • Eat right before bed, to promote repair and regeneration during sleep.


Take it Slow

When it comes to gaining weight, for some people it can be just as slow as losing weight. Take it easy on your body, follow a healthy and balanced diet and be patient. You won’t see results overnight, but if you’re patient you will eventually gain weight and get the results you are looking for.


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