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Sometimes, it can be a real struggle to get your family members to eat something that’s even remotely healthy. There are so many foods readily available that are loaded with sugar and salt that it can be very difficult to get them to sit down and eat a meal that is balanced and full of essential nutrients. If you have a spouse, kids or grandkids who are on the “picky” side and look mildly suspicious when they see a plate of color, the best thing to do is to make them gradually change from unhealthy to healthy. You do this by simply swapping one unhealthy thing in their meal for a healthy food item. Here are some suggestions.

Use Cinnamon Instead Of Sugar

There are so many benefits of adding cinnamon to everything. One big benefit is that it is a great way to balance out your blood sugar so you don’t crave as many sweet treats as you normally would. For those with sugar cravings, you can sprinkle it on oatmeal instead of sugar and add just a bit of agave syrup or maple syrup.

The warmth of cinnamon also peps up a cup of coffee! Try adding a bit to your cup of Joe. You might also add ginger or nutmeg during the winter months to give a nice hint of warmth in your morning cup.

Use Pureed Fruit Instead Of Syrup

Pureeing fruit and putting it on your whole grain toast is a healthy alternative to sugary jam. If you have picky eaters and they get used to the taste, you can start to use whole pieces of fruit , like sliced strawberries or bananas. If you and your family love pancakes, there are many easy pancake recipes that allow you to make healthier versions by using fruit as a base. Another tip? Use buckwheat instead of glutinous wheat.

Swapping Rice For Quinoa

A big way to reduce your carb intake is to swap any type of rice or pasta for quinoa. If your family is keen on pasta and spaghetti, it is a great way to reduce your carbs and replace it with a healthy dose of protein. Quinoa is a complete protein, meaning that it is great for building muscle, and it is rich in calcium, potassium, and iron. For the gluten-free among you, it is a great alternative to couscous, which is made from durum wheat. You can also use quinoa as a crunchy topping to meats like chicken, giving you a healthy alternative to dishes like chicken fingers which normally use panko breadcrumbs.

Make Your Own Peanut Butter

It’s very simple to make your own instead of going for the shop-bought brands which have high amounts of sugar and palm oil. Place your nuts in a blender and add a bit of water to help smoothe out the texture. If your kids love PB&Js and they simply must have slices of bread, then you can make your own peanut butter to go with the fruit puree on fiber-rich, whole grain bread.

To get your family on board with nutrition, start by instituting small changes and healthy food swaps.


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