You don’t have to go out to a Michelin star restaurant to dig into some  of finest quality food available. You can bring this quality into your own kitchen and your own cooking. You just need to know the right ingredients and the right techniques to use as well as the right recipes to follow. Below you can find advice when it comes to all three of these instances.

Michelin star

The Michelin star — a symbol of culinary excellence


Michelin Quality Recipes and Techniques

There are a host of Michelin star recipes available just waiting to be brought to life in your kitchen. But whether it’s crispy oysters with pickled vegetable salad and a citrus mayonnaise that has your mouth salivating or Aberdeen Angus ribeye, mushroom purée and beef tea that has you licking your lips, choose one you’d like to try and give it a shot. You may want to experiment with the recipe before you serve it to guests, but don’t be afraid of learning new techniques. And once you find this perfect dish, you have to be able to follow the recipe and cooking instructions for the best results. Even if you are no novice when it comes to culinary technique, you may find some unfamiliar terms and ingredients. When in doubt, turn to YouTube for a quick tutorial and remember, practice makes perfect.


produce basket


Michelin Quality Ingredients


Once you find the recipe that most appeals to you, it’s time to start sourcing the ingredients. Don’t go cheap; source quality ingredients – although they shouldn’t necessarily blow your budget. One way to get the most bang for your buck is to buy the exact amount of ingredients you need for a particular recipe; there are many food distributors that allow you to do this.

Take those recipes mentioned earlier: you can find oysters for the crispy oyster dish that come in packs of a dozen at a time at Citarella.com/shop/oysters-clams/; and your local butcher will provide you with just the perfect amount of Aberdeen Angus beef to serve to your party. The point is, if you want to be as frugal as possible when it comes to attaining a Michelin star for your kitchen, you need to refrain from sourcing too many ingredients. There is no point wasting what you don’t use. And on the other end of the spectrum, buying too little won’t help matters, either, especially if you are feeding a table-full of guests.



There are ways to bring Michelin quality into your kitchen, you just have to have the patience and the passion to produce the best food possible. More importantly, you have to be brave enough to take such a venture and be brave enough to believe in your own cooking abilities. Once you’ve committed to excellence, that’s half the battle won — even before you’ve slipped your cooking apron on!


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