One of the most beneficial things anybody, of any age can do is making sure they get their 5 a day of fruits and vegetables. Are you getting your 5 a day? When you ensure you meet the 5 a day recommendation, you will improve your physical health, as well as feel better emotionally. As fruit and vegetables are so nutritious, it’s almost impossible not to feel good after eating them! You’ll also ensure you stay hydrated, as they are mostly water, and that you consume plenty of fiber to keep everything moving along nicely.


Let’s talk about how you get your 5 a day the easy way!


Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables



Growing your own food can be a great hobby, and will mean you get your fruit and vegetables for next to nothing. Not only do you save money on your food shopping, you’ll also know exactly where your fruit and vegetables are coming from. You will also rest assured that they don’t have any residue from dangerous pesticides and you will be eating them at the peak of their nutritional value.


Choose Vegetable-Rich Foods For Lunch And Dinner

eating healthy food


There are so many vegetable-rich foods you can make for lunch and dinner – you’ll be spoiled for choice. You could have a vegetable soup for lunch or as a snack. Maybe you could fill up a sandwich with slices of cucumbers, radish and watercress, or add some to rice or an omelette. Vegetable crisps are something you can bake yourself in the oven and make a wonderful healthy snack. If you have kids, they’ll love them too! Stews and stir frys can make quick and delicious dinners. Meal bowls are big right now, where you combine the ingredients in a favorite dish and put them all in a bowl (taco bowls and Buddha bowls are favorites). Make it a hearty one with a grain base, sweet potato, maybe even some nuts and fruit on top.  


Have Fruit Salad For Dessert

fruit salad for breakfast

Got a sweet tooth? Choose fruit salad for dessert or perhaps a bar of dark chocolate with berries and nuts. Some fruits are harder to grasp than others, so don’t waste time wondering how to cut a watermelon into cubes. Simply watch a tutorial and go for it! You can’t afford to miss out on all of the delicious fruits out there because they look too tough to crack.


Enjoy A Green Juice Or Smoothie


Short on time? Want a quick pick me up? Enjoy a green juice or smoothie! There are a ton of recipes; just make sure you include mostly veg so you aren’t creating something full of sugar.


Try A New Recipe Every Week

Commit to trying one new recipe every week, and you’ll start enjoying your diet far more. Don’t eat the same thing day in day out, get bored, and give up. Health is a lifestyle! Instead, check sites like Pinterest and Instagram for eye candy inspiration and, of course, take a look through this site for recipes that appeal. You could even take an old favorite of yours, such as a pasta dish, and add more vegetables to it than usual. Put a healthy twist on old favorites by adding pureed squash or shredded carrots, which are nearly undetectable but really add to the nutritional value of a dish such as a casserole.


See? Getting your 5 a day really isn’t difficult. Leave your own thoughts and ideas below!



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