From a nutritional standpoint, eating fish on regular basis can do your body a lot of good. The American Heart Association recommends eating at least two servings a week, each amounting to 3.5 ounces of cooked fish, to supply your body with omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your heart. If you’re looking to boost memory and brain activity, Healthy Diaries underlines that eating salmon can make you a sharper thinker. Salmon can also fortify your joints, improve your vision, help you fight cancer, and lead to better and brighter skin.


Muscle Building Fish

plank grilled salmon

Fish is a good lean protein to help build muscle while also staying lean. For instance, actress Gal Gadot put fish at the center of her diet plan when she was preparing for her role as the iconic Wonder Woman. Unlike many diet plans that can be found online, Gadot’s approach was fairly straightforward. This was despite the fact that she did her own stunts and was five months pregnant during the production.


Fish is a Good Source of Lean Protein

salmon with lemon and rice

Eating clean was necessary for her energy levels and over-all wellbeing, and Gadot stuck to a plan that focused around lean protein and wholefoods. Maintaining superhero physique meant consuming fish as one of her main sources of lean proteins. One example of a typical entrée dish that Gadot would regularly eat was fish with garlic, lemon, and thyme. In an interview with Marie Claire, Gadot emphasized how important her diet was, telling the magazine that she ate of lot of fish and chicken as she wanted “to know that I’m only putting quality fuel into my body.”


Diet + Exercise

Gadot’s diet was only one part of her journey to becoming Wonder Woman. Aside from healthy plates, Elle stresses that her regular six-hour training day would include two hours at the gym; another two for fighting choreography; and another two for horseback riding. The physical stress she had to undergo translated well not just for a critically praised portrayal, but helped with the resurgence of the character’s popularity, specifically fitting today’s wide-ranging audience.


The Wonder Woman Phenom

The goddess of the Amazonian people has transcended comic book literature, television, and film, and she has been honored in today’s digitally driven multimedia landscape. From an online gaming standpoint, Wonder Woman on Slingo pays homage to Lynda Carter, the original actress to portray the beloved character, showing how the appeal of Wonder Woman is nothing new. She has been inspiring people since her creation in 1941. To get a sense of what Wonder Woman means to modern culture you only have to look at the number of discussions on the character. The The Collider’s podcast episode on Wonder Woman is an example of why the character has continued to endure despite the limited screen time compared to other heroes.

As a second installment of Wonder Woman has been set to release on December 2019, we can only expect more iterations to come. Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman have become global icons, and fans across the globe will hopefully follow her diet and fitness examples. This is particularly true of fish which is not as popular as meat, yet in many ways a much better protein to help achieve fitness goals.


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