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Your gallbladder is a part of your body you probably don’t give much thought to. Sure, you aim to maintain a healthy heart, weight, and digestive system, but the gallbladder, well it doesn’t usually get much consideration.


If you haven’t thought much about your gallbladder so far, you’re lucky because that probably means you haven’t experienced the sheer agony of gallstones. Ask anyone who has suffered, and they will tell you that it’s the worst pain they’ve ever experienced, worse than childbirth even.  


If you want to continue not having cause to think much about your gallbladder and avoid more serious options for gallstone treatment, especially as you age, it’s time to start eating for better gallbladder health. Here’s how:


Small Amounts of Healthy Fat

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Gallbladder attacks are commonly caused by excess fat in the diet, although rapid weight loss is also a prime cause of gallstones, which means that it’s sensible to cut down on the amount of saturated fat you eat.


You don’t have to give up fat completely (it’s an important nutrient after all), but you should switch to healthier sources of fat like salmon, avocados, nuts and coconut oil as much as possible. You need to do this because saturated animal fats are a lot harder to digest, and as a result, will put more pressure on your gallbladder than necessary.


Eat More Fiber


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Gallbladder problems have also been linked to a diet low in fiber, so adding more fiber to your diet could make all the difference when it comes to keeping gallstones at bay. It’ll help you to maintain good digestive health too.


Healthy sources of fiber, which is what you’re looking for, include sweet potatoes, artichokes, broccoli, legumes and whole grains.


No More Processed Junk


If you’re trying to avoid future gallbladder problems, and certainly if you’ve been diagnosed with gallstones and you want to avoid a painful attack, you really should give up the processed junk food. An occasional treat is fine if you must, but never, ever eat junk food if you’ve already eaten a large, fatty or carb-heavy meal – you’re just asking for trouble if you do.


Eat More Inflammation-Fighting Foods

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Most gallbladder attacks occur when the organ becomes inflamed, so it makes sense to incorporate as many anti-inflammatory foods into your diet as possible if you want to ensure that your gallbladder is healthy or prevent further attacks from taking place.


The healthiest anti-inflammatory foods for the gallbladder include tomatoes, leafy greens, fatty fish, and strawberries.


Foods that increase inflammation include fries, red meat, and refined carbs, so avoid these as best you can.


Smaller Portions


If you want to maintain gallbladder health, you’re going to have to give up those huge portions. The more food you eat in one sitting, the more pressure you will put in your digestive system, and your gallbladder. If you eat too much regularly, this will inevitably lead to painful problems you’d rather avoid.


Diet Sensibly



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If you’re overweight, slimming down is very sensible, but if you want to avoid gallbladder issues, you need to go about it sensibly. If you go on an extremely low-calorie diet, you’ll increase your chances of forming gallstones significantly. So, take it slow, eat lots of healthy fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains and you’ll lose weight without gaining painful gallstones.




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