Trying to keep your calorie intake low while also maintaining a healthy social life? You should, of course, be able to enjoy yourself and have that slice of party cake sometimes – but it becomes increasingly difficult as the holiday season approaches.


Parties are abundant during the colder season, and friends and family tend to gather around comfort food and candlelight. So how are you supposed to restrict your calories while watching other guests indulge in high-calories treats?


Luckily, you don’t have to – and you can easily say yes to every invitation you get without eating your way through winter and packing on the pounds. Here is a handful of great tips on how to succeed with your weight goals despite the comfort food, making those New Year’s resolutions a bit more achievable in a few months.


Be mindful of what you eat

bread chocolate sandwich trans fats high sugar


It’s sad to decline dinner invitations just because you don’t want to gain weight. Be smart about what you eat instead, and you’ll be able to enjoy a guilt-free dinner experience. Skip the bread before the main meal or even the appetizer has arrived, and you can easily say ‘no thanks’ to that creamy soup as well. It will just make you too full before the main meal, which is a great excuse in case somebody questions your decision.


It’s a bit easier to be mindful of what you order and eat when you go to a restaurant for a dinner party; at a friend’s house, on the other hand, you need to keep an eye on your portions. Choose more lean protein than carbs, for example, and try to fill your plate with steamed vegetables as well as meat.


Drink water

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So you’re at a party and should absolutely have a drink or two if you want to, but try to drink water before the meal is served. That way, your tummy will feel fuller without adding any calories, and it will be a bit easier not to get carried away and eat yet another portion.


If you’re serious about your calorie intake, it’s also a good idea to restrict the amount of alcohol you drink, though – not just because it will make you tipsy, but also because there’s a ton of sugar in most drinks.


Whiskey is a good option if you want some health benefits with your meal, and you can have a look at this kikori whisky review for some cocktail inspiration or just drink as is. It has fewer calories in it than other spirits such as vodka and gin, and its light taste and color makes it a great match with those autumn dishes.


Be social and have fun

outdoor dinner party


The more autumn parties and winter dinners you get invited to, the harder it gets to keep the numbers on your scale down. Distract yourself from the thought of sugary desserts by taking advantage of the other benefits to these invitations, namely excellent company and lots of laughter.


When your mind is occupied, and you’re having a good time, it won’t feel like a waste to go to a dinner party without enjoying all the food since the social element outweighs the thought of not eating everything that looks delicious.


Why not host the party yourself next time? Use some of the recipes on my blog, cook up a healthy feast for all your friends, and mouthwatering low-sugar desserts – that way, you can have a second portion without even batting an eye.



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