Depending on how late you stay up at night, you may need a little something from the fridge before bedtime. While many light snack foods are okay in this case—a piece of fruit or a few crackers for example—there are quite a few foods that will actually work against you.

Many foods contain ingredients that keep the stomach rumbling or otherwise disrupt your sleep cycle, and it’s best to avoid them if you want a restful night. We’ll take you through the top five foods to avoid before you go to bed.

  1. Pizza

We’ve all enjoyed the occasional slice or two of cold pizza for breakfast or as a nighttime snack. However, pizza isn’t really a snack food but more of a meal. Each slice will add plenty of extra calories; too many to be considered a bedtime snack.

In addition, the relatively high acidity of the tomato sauce topping can cause late-night stomach cramping that leads to insomnia and trips to the bathroom, all of which interrupt a good night’s sleep.

  1. Sugary Cereal

cereal with bananas

Another favorite for many people that is light enough to be a snack even if not intended for bedtime consumption. The problem is, sugary cereals metabolize quickly, giving you a spike in blood-sugar levels. This increase has the potential to disrupt certain sleep hormones and contribute to insomnia and related problems.

Low fiber foods have been linked to lighter sleep, too. This can actually exacerbate any sleep issues you’re already experiencing and cause a vicious cycle of sorts. When you’re not getting a good night’s rest, your body tends to seek out more energy, often in the form of more sugar.

If cereal is your thing before bed, it’s best to stick to one that offers higher fiber content.

  1. Ice Cream

ice cream

Yes, it’s true, this list is secretly out to ruin your life by taking away your favorite late-night snacks. Ice cream is a no-no as well, primarily because of the high-fat content. Fat takes a long time for your body to process. That means that if you’re eating a lot of it right before bed, your body will work on digesting it—and thus working harder—when it should rest, just like your brain. Although scientific studies are scarce, we do know that low blood-sugar triggers reactions in the brain which can trigger strange dreams.

To top it off, you’re getting another sugar boost too, so yet again a spike in blood sugar to throw off the sleep hormones. And if that weren’t enough, much of that sugar will turn into more fat. Ice cream is truly a delicious lose-lose scenario here.

  1. Pasta

Not everything on our list has to be about ruining the most amazing late-night snack foods unless pasta is your thing. However, the noodles are still a bad choice thanks to pure carbs being pretty much the only thing they have to offer you.

Many of these dishes have various oils or creams mixed in that will also turn into fat, and their heavy nature means they’ll sit in your stomach, possibly causing frequent trips to the bathroom later.

  1. Celery


We’ll dull the pain you might be feeling using our last entry. Celery seems like both a light and healthy choice at first. After all, you can burn more calories than you take in while eating it.

However, this veggie is also a natural diuretic, meaning that eating it before bed will increase the likelihood that you’ll need to use the restroom in the night, possibly multiple times.

Vegetables, in general, are excellent sources of nutrients for the body, but poor celery is a bad choice before bedtime.


We know some of the items on this list might be hard to avoid when you just want something quick and tasty before bed. But keeping them off of your late-night list is the best way to help ensure a good night’s sleep.


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