Some of the most common complaints people make on a daily basis concern their skin health regard loss of glow, oily feeling, blemishes and unpleasant spots, clogged up pores, dull completion, etc. It doesn’t matter how thoroughly you wash your face; you can’t get it to look and feel completely clean. If any of these complaints sound familiar to you, then you might suffer from what is referred to as an unhealthy skin. For serious issues, you might need to consult a dermatologist. In the meantime, there’s nothing stopping you from kickstarting your skin health journey with the right nutrients and natural products.


#1. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant

Indian spices

Turmeric is a super healthy supplement that acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. You will find it easier to consume turmeric extract as a tablet, using the list provided by BodyNutrition as a basis for your research. However, if you’re struggling with an acne condition, you might prefer a natural turmeric cream or mask. In fact, applied directly to the skin, a turmeric treatment can help you to fend off oily skin, acne scars as well as reduce redness.


#2. Cleansing abilities of the tea tree oil

If you want a cleaning solution that isn’t aggressive nor full of chemicals that could dry out your skin, you probably know that a trip to your standard store won’t help. In reality, you can use natural and non-toxic ingredients to make your own moisturizing and gentle facial cleanser, using the purifying abilities of tea tree oil. You can find the recipe in a previous article of Candy’s Sweet Life blog. It’s the combination of tea tree oil and coconut oil that keeps your skin hydrated and clear.


#3. Bye bye blemishes with kidney beans


Acne and blemishes can be the result of a hormonal unbalance, or of external polluting factors. But, more often than not, what you eat – or what you not eat – ends up showing on your skin. Low levels of zinc, for instance, have been linked to acne breakouts, which means that a nice spicy stew full of kidney beans or mushrooms – which are naturally rich in zinc – can help to cure mild pimples and zits. While you can take zinc supplements too, it’s essential to focus on introducing natural zinc into your everyday diet first.


#4. Dark chocolate treat for the mind and the skin

dark chocolate

If you’re a dark chocolate lover, you certainly already love the health qualities of your favorite treat. Packed with antioxidants that help to reduce the risk of strokes and keep your blood pressure in check, dark chocolate has always been the go-to comfort food for fitness aficionados. But did you know that it promotes skin glow by reducing the production of stress hormones? Regular consumption can also keep your skin nourished and moist. Maybe that’s something to add to your beauty routine!


Your skin reflects the health of your mind and body. It shows when you’re stressed, when you don’t eat the right things, or even when you are sleep deprived. But more importantly, your diet and your skincare can be the cause of your acne problems. Hopefully, these four natural products and foods can help you to address your issues for a clear and glowing skin!



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